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Actually the photos of this post lay about 1 year behind. I took them in December 2015/January 2016. It was a nice start into 2016. I finally fullfilled a dream and bought a Leica M6.

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On my first walk with my new camera in Düsseldorf. Actually the Leica feels more like a working tool than a usual camera. If you ever tried to drive a nail into a wall - with a stone, and then someone gave you a real good hammer, you know what i'm talking about.

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Old fashioned Apollo Theater in Düsseldorf with old fashioned car. Hats never run out of fashion!

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Family visit. International facial expression for "we're out of chocolate!"

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Going to Madrid in December. Yes the sun still exists. Gotta take a photo to proof that.

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A long long time ago

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Spanish chatting men, i think years ago i took a very similar shot. Must be a common scene.

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Undercover go walkies

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I believe I can fly...

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Finally meeting my lovely flatmates back in Alicante. I'm glad to see that really nothing has changend in 7 years (still laughing about me making faces)!

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On our flight to Carcassone/France. 1 year before, I had to explain Antoine the correct chess rules. He made insane efforts. I think I lost that day. Must have been the flight radiation or something...

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Finally at the castle of Carcassonne

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Going to the toilet. The last time I saw this, I was about 10 years old. And I was in Syria.

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Antoine looking for a good photo scene.

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In the church

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The street of our small and cosy house where we spent new years eve.

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Kids playing around the corner: "Wait, where is little Timmy?" Oh...

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In the house preparing the dinner aka The Butcher at work.

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Lili getting ready...

Regular scan084 have a good night.

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At that day we were all fascinated by a 1€ piece of plastic.

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Fabién checking the radio signal hopefully. Stop dreaming of Wifi.

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Driving to the mountains

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Finally flying back home, with Obi Wan.

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First time travelling to Japan. Totally underrated as a travel destination. If you really want to feel like an alien in a different world, don't go to New York - go to Japan! I guess Sting hasn't been there before, when he wrote his song.

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2 things they love in Japan: Bicyles and big letters on huge buildings.

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Famous crossing in Shibuya/Tokyo, before and after lights turn green

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Shibuya fashion girl thinking about....?

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Fashion bunnies

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Security officer - a multi dimensional job

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LEE LEE or Lily?

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"What did you bring for lunch today my dear husband?" Fish - like every god damn day honey!

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Planking for the purists

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The N-Gang

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The enemy is not the lantern in front of you - it's the air around us.

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Before going to Japan i thought people here in Europe are really addicted to smartphones - obviously we are true noobs in that discipline.

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Don't waste your lifetime - read mangas on the stairs

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Checking the internet when the traffic lights are going to switch to green

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View from the "World trade center"

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In the very very crowded tube of Tokyo.

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...and that's not even in rush hour.

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Poor Lady in the back, she forgot her smartphone at home.

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1 day later, same time in Kyoto...

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In a cat café (didn't make it to the owl café, the goat café, the snake café nor the hedgehog café).

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Cat waiting for next costumers

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Another shrine to find enlightment

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At least kids in Japan are just the same as here

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...except of school uniforms

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People standing in lines. Everywhere.

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Hey babe, wanna take a ride on my bike?

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School boys hanging around - skipping school? No, propably not, we are in Japan dude.

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Beautiful sleepers

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Wannabe Geishas

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I remember i was really jealous of their umbrellas on that day

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More wannabes

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Cool painter (former Navi-SEAL?)

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It's not what you may think

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The new sheriff in town

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I don't know what scares me more, the A-Bomb dome in the back or ignorant tourists in the front of that "tourist attraction"

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The gambler ("the tower must fall!")

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The only homeless i've seen there so far, but that one was a pro

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Club of the anonymus sushi addicts

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Captain on the brige!

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Yes, sometimes it rains in the rainy season...

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Lili and her new colourful friends

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I can only image what kind of costumer is inside that cabin

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Nice accompaniment

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Found the last guy in Japan without a cell phone

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Watching is exhausting

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Upcoming working class

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Getting ready

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Ancient high heels

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Top german export products: Beer and Bayern Munich

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Parallel worlds

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Finally taking the train to the airport back to Germany. Of course, standing in line.